Fireplace tips

Did you know a cord of firewood can produce as much as 50+ pounds of ash??

With winter fast approaching, we here at Grayson Gill Interiors edesign division would like to offer some useful tips for ash management for wood burning fireplaces.

-Who doesn’t have a stain on there paving? Ash is prefect for picking up wet paint that has spattered on your concrete. Give the ash a good scuff with your boot to blend it in.

-De-skunking pets. Wipe a handful of ash on your dogs coat to neutralize the odor.

– Ash is also good for blocking out garden pests. Spread the ash evenly around garden to repeal sails and other pests.

– This is my favorite. Ash is gret for Enriching your compost. Enhance the compost nutrients by sprinkling in a few ashes in your pile. Don’t add to much as it will ruin the mix.

– Ash will control pond algae. One tablespoon per 1,000 gallons adds enough potassium that it will help add nutrients to the water to promote stronger growth of other aquatic plants and slow the growth of algae

– Ash is also great for melting ice. This will add traction and de-ice your driveway without harming the soil or concrete below.

– Cultivate larger yields of tomatoes with ash. When preparing your soils and pots place a 1/4 cup of ash in the hole where you will place your plant.

– Make soap. Soaking ashes in water makes lye, which can be mixed with animal fat and then boiled to produce soap. Add salt to make it harder while it cools.

– Shine your silver. A pasty mixture of ash and water makes a handy nontoxic metal polisher.

– Cleaning glass fireplace doors! A damp sponge dipped in ash will scrub away a sooty glass door.

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